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Towards an aquarian astrology

Something strange happened when Uranus,  the ruler of Astrology, was discovered in 1812. Of course it coincided with the dawning of the romantics in Europe and the birth of art as we know it. Before that time art as an independent outlet, a work of genius, a profession, was not really there. You were a craftsman under the patronage of an elite that guaranteed the existence of art. The birth and celebration of genius is an age that only just started to fade.

Perhaps it is the digital that turned genius into a commodity. Everyone is an artist on Facebook and this indicates we have arrived in some new epoch of time. The Uranic mind has infiltrated the masses for the good and the bad. The realization of the individual genius as collective technology might as well count for the biggest change in conscious ness over the last 200 years.

There are many ways to classify the blocks of time that we refer to as history and astrologers (me too) are fond of drawing the outside planets in to distinguish era’s and shifts of lived time and consciousness. But lets pass on the planets for a bit and recall the romanticism of the early 1800s with the birth of the individual artist and counter culture. Both of them returned as mainstage in the 1960s liberations and the beginning of the current Uranus Pluto cycle. The paradoxical element is that, although the 1960s and 70s were the highlight of the young dies genius (Jimi Hendrix and all), barely 50 years later it is technology that has constituted the communicated commodity of the genius.

These are the stepping stones of the Aquarian Age with its ruler Uranus under the notepads of mankind. When Uranus was discovered in 1812 it was first given the name Wolfgang and some international astronomical disputer it became Uranus. As Richard Tarnas states it doesn’t behave at all like its mythological counterpart, who was a rather conservative dude…, it behaves like Prometheus.

Uranus is undoing the archetype here, signifying the end of the age of reference. We still live in a Pisces dominated world. The different religions with with their icons, money or status as the symbolizer of wealth or success and in the secular Western world a strong notion to replace religion with ‘spiritual’ symbolism, where astrology plays her part as well. But Astrology’s ruler has been telling the tale for a long time: let the reference/symbol/archetype go, only then the Aquarian Age shall dawn. Of course this will mean a metamorphosis of astrology as we know it. We are talking about a machine, an operating system, a musical score. Not a sense of genius anymore but genius as an OS. How can commodified genius enjoy/manifest itself, how do we move past the astrologer as an intermediate, what is the idea of this cosmic OS? These are some of the challenges of the Aquarian quest.



Welcome to the kosmik machine

We dont often conceive of the kosmos as a machine but its wheels have been turning with us ever since mankind got conscious. There is a relation with the skies that is always changing yet with some kind of eternal recurring regularity. In the age of the machine its time to embrace the machine itself, not as an exterior posture or an inner reflection but as immanent movement itself. We dont know what a machine can do yet we do know we are not separated from the kosmik machine. Hence the invitation to experiment with the machine and find new ways to integrate the circular motion into life and its digital offspring.

The natal is in the middle

The natal is outside, like the salmon swimming towards their unknown place of procreation.The natal is in the middle, someone just looks at the ticking of the clockwork. Orange and green. Life is now cut off the mothers stream but not from the body. Life was always there, for at least another 8 months of which we do not have a reference. So why all the fuzz about the beginning as in reality there is only a middle, the beginning is opaque, the end is unknown. Judgement wants the beginning and the end. In the end is my beginning, the middle is all there is. From a kosmik perspective there is only a middle, empty and infinite, we swim in the middle. We can never leave the middle because history never repeats itself. The cosmos never repeats itself, its difference that repeats not the celestial movements. The natal is a snapshot to an article,a reference point, it works because of the desire for a self, a God. What comes into play here is the relation between desire and the self. Desire is not a creation of the person but a relation between the person and the outside (another person, a car, a life). Desire is not constitutional to the person, she is outside like the natal. In other words the Natal is not the self, it is a relation of the self to a multiplicity that preceded the self.