2019 End of an era

In all aspects 2019 is a closing year, as the new dawn will arrive in 2020 with a bang and a whimper. The 20th century began in 1914 and somehow ends in 2019. Although the first world war was the catalyst, the change manifested on a deeper level. The culture, art, thought politics and technology of the 1920s were completely different to those of the first decade of that century. Modernism had arrived and the psychology of the big city spread throughout the world. In a certain way thats how people in the 2030s will look at us. They could be 40 years ahead though usually a crises precedes the acceleration. For astrology the link between 1914 and 2020 is the Saturn Pluto conjunction (political power and transformation as a common theme). In 1914 there were three of them in Cancer heralding the big nationalist struggle (and the reason why we have peace in Europe). The next one in 1947 Leo witnessed the US shaping the post-war world order, which is in its ending year now. 
In 2020 we have a triple Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction, the first one since 1146 (Crusades) and 411 (Fall of Rome), so to put it modest, change is on the menu and this will be tangible over the spring/summer of 2019. All the Brexits, Trumps and Putins alike will creep closer to where we don’t want them to be. The world has become smaller and the stage is about to crumble. Don’t panic though, the later 2020s promise new heights and life but first Babylon needs to fall down somehow.
Another reason to do what you need and want to do in 2019 is that the years after we might be busy with other things like adapting, surviving or moving. This year has excellent aspects for inner works, purpose makers and dream wagers. Dream big and have those running shoes ready. The 2019 aspects feature Neptune in Pisces in tandem with Jupiter and Saturn, so the connections can flow anyway you want and with Jupiter in Sag there is a big time future quality about the dreamscape. The Saturn element points forwards to 2025 when enter a new era, which will be nothing like the one we live in now. The socio-political-digital organisation of global society will become more like an OS , something China already put in place. Its still in the surveillance phase but once we can log in with our senses (or it logs into us), the mobile phone ends up like the CD and we all wear a wristband or so. Technically this is already possible, the consequence of the fact that our brain runs on electric and nerve responses is that connecting to a network will create a new sense (rather than replacing the 19th century typing interface we use know). 
In other words the concepts of time, space, the social and work will change. The thing is we cannot imagine how, just like you can’t imagine a piece of music, a colour or a drug trip as they need to be experienced first hand. Thats the connection to the zero Aries point, these are new beginnings. In a cosmic way 2019 connects to the later 2020s digital renaissance. Don’t let the prophets of doom fool you, the later 2020s have the best aspects since the Renaissance, yes since 500 years that is. Climate change is not the end of the world, it can actually function as a unifying force, the only viable alternative to an alien invasion, a realisation of earth people as a living organism. Uranus in Taurus will accelerate the extreme heat, cold and drought but thats exactly what Earth people need, a palpable thread in order realise the time is now. Out of the hat solutions will come up, perhaps Greenland and the Nordic territories as new homelands, but only after Saturn Pluto has torn down the powers that be, which could become quite nasty, like the global economy euro-dollar system collapsing, or a US-China war. 
The wars that shaped the 20th century also contain the peace we have now. In that sense the EU is a work of art, as well as of the future. My guess is that the post-nationalist ethic of EU and Chinese Aquarian technology will make up the design of the 2020s. China has already put an Aquarian system in place with its fading Venus Jupiter conjunction on 1 Aquarius. EU will adapt and develop the content, resource control over surveillance, although there is something totalitarian about this enlightened eco-fascist implementation of post human technology. Perhaps a degraded US will weigh in its innovative side, as its the algorithms that decide our future. Once the OS is in place, it will become global, not democratic but merely allocating the resources available and creating the space for a different human interaction than the one we have know. So enjoy this dream year, it may last a decade.