A cosmic goodbye to 2018

Jupiter spend most of the last year in its 12th Scorpio house, crashing in with the bang of Me too # in the end of 2017 and opening up some dark rooms of power play and relationship. The Mars and Venus retrogrades continued the focus on masculine and the feminine issues but in a different and more productive way. The amount of retrogrades slowed down the pace of 2018, yet it was a productive series of stations in the realm of love, money, art and work. Mars in Aquarius/Cap had an awakening quality that will come in use the coming years as Pluto and Saturn break down some old Cap walls. Everyone needs to get ready for the Aquarian take over of the 2020s in one way or another. In the middle of the Venus Mars retro phase came the last, rather heavy duty, eclipse of the Leo Aquarius axis, geared up by the Uranus Station. When the nodal axis is moving signs things tend to get heated up. The summer said goodbye to Solar Leo energy and we are now solid in the Lunar Cancer season for the coming years. The sudden eclipse changes support building your home base in a foundational and structural sense. Next week’s eclipse will continue this theme, making clear how support systems can function in the long term and which choices need to be faded out so the new life can prosper.
Uranus in Taurus was another new energy that emerged in 2018, it popped up in the summer and left us the most intense heatwave ever. There is something mundane and collective about the affects of the outside planets. Uranus is now finishing off its last degrees in Aries and its clear that the Uranus Pluto squares of the early 2010s left the world with a return of the authoritarian leader or ideal. Once its moves for good into Taurus the main issues will be land, earth, money and climate. Uranus is the awakener and in that sense there is something positive about climate change. It is slowly awakening the masses that we live on one Earth and something needs to be done. This will be one of the main themes of the 2020s