The Neptune Jubilee

Pisces season means that we can fully dive into Neptune’s realm, as the gas planet has been at his home base Pisces since 2011. When the Sun is in Pisces we can access the Neptune energy on a personal level. Thats why this can be such a fruitful month for the Neptunian forces; dreams, music, drugs, loss, empathy and awakenings amongst many others. Its the time to tune in to the more sensitive frequencies which might not be received at other times. Since we have entered the digital age, these frequencies have altered their intensities.The last time Neptune entered Pisces was in 1848, a revolutionary year in which the Communist Manifesto was published. The small paper on the spectre haunting Europe would become one of the most influential pamphlets ever. The forces that communism set off are still strong today, with China’s rising power riding on an antique, yet highly efficient and fully upgraded hi-tech post-communist turbo diesel. Looking at the chart of the communist manifesto, it has Sun at 2 Pisces conjunct Neptune at 0 Pisces, both square Mars (in Taurus). That Mars is connected to an Earth trine which is linked to the Nodes. The working class consciousness had arisen and would simmer the rest of the 19th century.

The progressions set off the manifesto’s timing. In 1905, the first Russian Revolution, Neptune moves into 2 Pisces conjunct the degree of the Sun, where it would stay during most of the 20th century. The pivotal dates of 1917 (Russia) and 1948 (China) can be found in the tertiary progressions, where these dates correspond to an exact Uranus Pluto conjunction, which, in the 1948 case, is re-triggered by a T-square. The manifesto became a slow earth burner with devastating collateral damage whilst at the same time liberating millions of people out of poverty and exploitation. Neptune can be more powerful than Pluto yet it operates in the spiritual gas realm, of which ideologies are part as well.

Which spiritual ideology has been taking the world by storm since 2011? I don’t think its the Yoga pose or the breathing session, its more likely to be in your phone. When McLuhan coined his first insight on the Information Age in the early 1960s, his high expectations were partly based on the conception that digital information basically was a spiritual medium. Of course that term took another run in New Age fall out, yet the fact that this extension of your body is connecting to all the other bodies is what counts here. Whether you do Instagram, porn or astrology is more of a moral question. The fact that digital consciousness is a shared asset is what accounts for the change. As we just entered this phase, its difficult to assess the long term effects. In the 1850s it was not so obvious that goelags, health insurance, equal rights for women, forty hour work weeks and Mao were waiting in the trenches.

So my hypothesis for now is that iPhone is performing the function of the Piscean manifesto. It might change form over the next few decades but the ideology of connectedness will be pervasive. Where the Manifesto was pure Piscean power, the iPhone is quite Aquarian in its nature. It has a very strong  Neptune in the 12th and the cusp between Pisces and Aquarius takes center stage. In the larger picture of mankind this where we are moving, from Pisces back into Aquarius, from the religious to the digital age. Maybe we are already there, maybe not yet. Opinions differ but it is clear for most that we are in the transformation period itself and from this iPhone chart its obvious that the digital phone plays her part in the change over. A forceful Mars Pluto on the galactic center  will stay on the scene for the time being.

The power of Neptune in our epoch (2011-2025) is very strong. Neptune has not been so powerful for hundreds of years. Last time around was just before the Neptune Pluto conjunction of the 1890s, the new dawn of our epoch (as well the beginning of modern astrology). This Neptune in Pisces is the first one  that gives genuine direct access to the information age cycle, which will last for another 360 years or so. The other Neptune Cycle which is triggered is Neptune-Uranus of 1993, the onset of the digital. When Uranus transited Aquarius from 1996-2003 the internet was implemented. This Neptune cycle will bloom in connectedness, the spiritual immanent counterpart of the digital era. The phone is just the onset, pretty soon the connection will go through the body itself, for good or bad. The power of Neptune is emphasized by the fact that we are in the waxing, growing phase of the Neptune cycles. The waning, closing phase, after full moon basically, is more difficult. The Communist Manifesto came out in the last waning phase of Neptune-Pluto, which increases the chance on violent and difficult consequences. The bloom of the Manifesto was only released after the Neptune-Pluto conjunction of the 1890s and was not all flowers and roses.

If Neptune is that powerful why aren’t we in full throttle mode yet? This has to do with the cycles of Jupiter and Saturn, which are in their last phase and preparing for the Pluto conjunctions in 2020 in Capricorn. Both individual and cosmic energy can be really in tune whilst it can feel like society/ the socius isn’t there yet. In that sense the Neptune experience connects forwards to the laters 2020s, after we have dealt with the systemic Capricorn crises and are really moving into a full blown 21st century digitally connected earth-sphere.

  One of the qualities of Neptune is to dwell in the dream like worlds beyond mere space-time and of course, get lost there as well. Part of the addiction to our interconnected spheres, like facebook, twitter, apping and all, is the Neptunian precipitation that anticipates the time when connectivity lives up to its potential. Now we are in still the phase of the child that stumbles and makes its first steps in the new digital wide world out there. Walking, like talking, apping or astrology is a technology. What tunes the latter two to our 21st century is the Neptunian trait of invincibility, as in the ethereal exchange. The portable digital machine is what connects these technologies to the body itself. Although your author is not a believer as yet, and sticks with Nokia for now, it will not be long before these different technologies connect and manifest Aquarian realities.

An interesting question is how they can connect to the Manifesto. Emperor Xi already put this process in motion and the picture emerging echoes Orwellian control. Still, our local machines will also count your plastic and water use or grant access to the airport or train station. In the composite of I-phone and the Manifesto we see some new lines merging. Aquarian dominated with a Pluto Neptune conjunction puts the time frame fast forward. The air trine appears friendly but is under 12th house kite control by a Piscean Uranus. Its not so far off Xi-ism as it might seem. Socialism as a means of control rather than redistribution. Freedom is supported as long as you manage your relationships well. Likes and dislikes are bridging the data gap as the armour of the digital era.