The natal is in the middle

The natal is outside, like the salmon swimming towards their unknown place of procreation.The natal is in the middle, someone just looks at the ticking of the clockwork. Orange and green. Life is now cut off the mothers stream but not from the body. Life was always there, for at least another 8 months of which we do not have a reference. So why all the fuzz about the beginning as in reality there is only a middle, the beginning is opaque, the end is unknown. Judgement wants the beginning and the end. In the end is my beginning, the middle is all there is. From a kosmik perspective there is only a middle, empty and infinite, we swim in the middle. We can never leave the middle because history never repeats itself. The cosmos never repeats itself, its difference that repeats not the celestial movements. The natal is a snapshot to an article,a reference point, it works because of the desire for a self, a God. What comes into play here is the relation between desire and the self. Desire is not a creation of the person but a relation between the person and the outside (another person, a car, a life). Desire is not constitutional to the person, she is outside like the natal. In other words the Natal is not the self, it is a relation of the self to a multiplicity that preceded the self.

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